This place is void of all passion (aryntay) wrote,
This place is void of all passion

Last Person Who...
.x. Slept in your bed - me and justin...uhh duh
.x. Saw you cry – Justin
.x. Made you cry – Justin (lol we were arguing)
.x. Spent the night at your house – Bubba Richard (Justins cousin)
.x. You shared a drink with – I dunno...probably Justin...or Tiffany
.x. You went to the movies with – Justin
.x. You went to the mall with –Tiffany
.x. Yelled at you --Justin...(again we were arguing and I was yelling first)
.x. Sent you an e-mail – Not a freakin clue...mostly it's just lj comments

Have Your Ever...
.x. Said "I love you" – every day.
.x. Been to New York? - Nope
.x. Been to Florida? – ummm no
.x. California? – nope again
.x. hawaii? –NO!
.x. Japan? - Gah no
.x. China? - I'm getting bored with this
.x. Canada? - Who cares
.x. Danced naked – no...too self consious
.x. Dreamed something?- uhh who hasn't?

Pick One...
.x. Apples or bananas? bananas
.x. Red or blue? BLUE...Baby blue
.x. Walmart or Kmart? walmart didn't kmart die or something?
.x. Math or English? NEITHER? geez if I HAVE to pick one..English
.x. radio or CD? CD..sometimes..sometimes I like the radio
.x. drawing or painting? Painting!
.x. High school or college? College...altho I'm tired of it too

The Last Few Questions...
.x. Last time you went out of the state- August...went to New Mexico
.x. Things you like in a girl/guy?-Sense of humour, sweetness, pretty eyes, nice hair
.x. Weirdest thing about you? – psshhhh I'm not weird
.x. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Well yes
.x. What do you think of 0uija board? – only played with one once...and I was intoxicated sooo I didn't really care
.x. What book are you reading now? – none...I need one
.x. What's on your mouse pad? – ummm I'm at school it's plain black...I don't have one at home..I just use the desk or a book
.x. Favorite board game?- ummmmm Life? I dunno
.x. Favorite magazine? Cosmo? or something...I rarely read em
.x. Favorite sound? -rain.....on a tin roof? cheesy..YES but it's true
.x. Worst feeling in the world? - being unloved (I agree) or that I've hurt someone I REALLY care about
.x. What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? -Either....DANG there's no way it's morning...or DAMN it's cold
.x. Do you like scary or exciting roller coasters - umm I don't do roller coasters really...they make my head hurt
.x. How many rings before you answer? – However long it takes me to locate the phone
.x. Future daughter's name? I'm not sure...I was thinking Alexis Renee but I don't like it much any more
.x. Future son's name? Hayden? until I change my mind again?
.x. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate and vanilla swirl? lol or chocolate
.x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Used I sleep with Justin
.x. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? I haven't a clue what I want to do
.x. What are you going to do after you finish this survey?Go to the bank and go home
.x. What was the last food you ate? a biscuit
.x. you bored? VERY
.x. How many buddies are on? 8? all with away messages
.x. Last movie you saw? After the sunset or whatever it's called
x. Three things you are often complimented for: gah I eyes, my butt, and my boobs...whoa thats awesome
x. You get embarrassed when: I dunno...not often...
x. What upsets you: too many things to start listing
x. You keep a diary: Used to before i moved this is as close as it gets
x. You like to cook: Of course...when I'm in the mood
x. You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: Nope
x. You set your watch a few minutes ahead: nope...I should...but then I just think...ahh I have extra time
x. You bite your fingernails: syes..I'm trying to quit
x. You believe in love: WHY YES! of course

so I gave a sort of WRONG impression about mine and justins "problems" I've become selfish and I realize causes fights and I'm trying to stop it...I love him and everythings ok now...Plus I played playstation with him last night and he was almost I dunno why but he loves it when I'll do things like that (I tend to despise the playstation because when he's playing he ignores me)but everythings ok now..and we're happy...and that is all that matters...

I'm hungry....I'm bout to go to the bank then go home and eat YAY!

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